Explore forms of “possible city”
through thought experiments and prototyping.



都市デザインに関わる専門家だけでなく、多分野にまたがる研究者、アーティスト、デザイナー、 技術者、地域コミュニティ、企業や行政が一緒に活動しています。

METACITY is a research project exploring forms of “possible city" through thought experiments and prototyping.

This project is not only for experts in urban design but also for researchers, artists, designers, technologists, local communities, businesses, and local governments are working together.
There are three main activities in this project. “Lab” which multiple projects are carried out throughout the year, “Conference” to planning symposiums and exhibitions to be held on every other year, “Media” to spread the content of our activities through social media and magazines.

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random seed garden

茶の湯のアート集団「The TEA-ROOM」と共に新たな茶会の形を探求するアートプロジェクト。

An art project to explore a new tea ceremony with an art collective of the teaism "The TEA-ROOM"

Bio Sculpture


A joint research project with Hiroya Tanaka laboratory at Keio SFC, installing ecosystems in the city using a 30m x 30m long large scale 3D printer.

The Mobilities


This is a joint project with CARTIVATOR, a voluntary group of young members from the automotive and aviation industries and startups. The project explores the cultural traits of the era in which flying cars exist.

WIRED特区 | WIRED Speculative Zone


A speculative zone to implement "possible cultures" with WIRED, a media that creates a positive innovation in society.

多層都市 「幕張市」


The art project explores the structure of culture generation through the creation of the fictional city of "Makuhari City".