Explore forms of “possible city”
through thought experiments and prototyping.




現在は、茶の湯のアート集団「The TEA-ROOM」、雑誌「WIRED」、エンジニア集団「CARTIVATOR」、4Dファブリケーションラボ「田中浩也研究室」、シティサイエンスを専門とする研究室「MIT Media Lab City Science Group」とそれぞれ協働プロジェクトを実施し、40名ほどのアーティストや研究者、エンジニアとともに活動を行なっています。

METACITY is a research collective exploring forms of “possible city" through thought experiments and prototyping.

We see culture and the arts as a new urban infrastructure that will contribute to the inner richness of citizens, and we are working with stakeholders in various fields to explore the realization of this idea from multiple perspectives.

Currently, we are collaborating with the art group about tea ceremony "The TEA-ROOM," the magazine "WIRED," the engineering group "CARTIVATOR," the 4D fabrication lab "Hiroya Tanaka Lab," and the MIT Media Lab City Science Group, a laboratory specializing in city science. We are working with about 40 artists, researchers, and engineers on collaborative projects.

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生態系へのジャックイン | Jack into the Noösphere

茶の湯のアート集団「The TEA-ROOM」と共に新たな茶会の形を探求するアートプロジェクト。

An art project to explore a new tea ceremony with an art collective of the teaism "The TEA-ROOM"

Bio Sculpture


A joint research project with Hiroya Tanaka laboratory at Keio SFC, installing ecosystems in the city using a 30m x 30m long large scale 3D printer.

The Mobilities

自動車・航空業界、スタートアップ関係の若手メンバーを中心とした有志団体「Dream On(旧CARTIVATOR)」との共同プロジェクト。「空飛ぶクルマ」が存在する時代における文化の形質を探求していきます。

This is a joint project with "Dream On", a voluntary group of young members from the automotive and aviation industries and startups. The project explores the cultural traits of the era in which flying cars exist.

WIRED特区 | WIRED Speculative Zone


A speculative zone to implement "possible cultures" with WIRED, a media that creates a positive innovation in society.

多層都市 「幕張市」 | Multi-Layered City Makuhari


The art project explores the structure of culture generation through the creation of the fictional city of "Makuhari City".