Jack into the Noösphere

An art project to explore a new tea ceremony with an art collective of the teaism "The TEA-ROOM"

茶の湯のアート集団「The TEA-ROOM」と共に新たな茶会の形を探求するアートプロジェクト。



An art project to explore a new tea ceremony with an art collective of the teaism "The TEA-ROOM."

The story of Neuromancer begins at the Tea Pot in Chiba City, where the bartender, Ratz called the protagonist, Kace, a perfectionist (artist). Cha-no-Yu ("tea ceremony" or "teaism") is an interactive art gallery, an ad hoc community generator, and a playground on meta-level. And it is established by the combination of the programs that connect them and the processes of experiencing time and space that are executed in parallel. Cha-no-Yu is not only the drinking of green tea, nor does it refer to space but an incubator that nurtures the seeds of art and culture.

So what is the point of having a tea room in a city? The very term "Shichu-no-Sankyo" ("a mountain residence in the city") represents one of the key concepts of the tea ceremony, showing that artificial reconstruction has more value than the real things. What kind of city would emerge if Cha-no-Yu was installed on the city scale? And what kind of cultural evolution will Cha-no-Yu undergo?

In this project, we will explore the relationship between Cha-no-Yu and the city through the creation of artworks, performances, and exhibitions that extract, expand and apply the essence of Cha-no-Yu, which at first glance may not be recognized as a traditional tea ceremony.

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