生態系へのジャックイン | Jack into the Noösphere

茶の湯のアート集団「The TEA-ROOM」と共に新たな茶会の形を探求するアートプロジェクト。

An art project to explore a new tea ceremony with an art collective of the teaism "The TEA-ROOM"

Bio Sculpture


A joint research project with Hiroya Tanaka laboratory at Keio SFC, installing ecosystems in the city using a 30m x 30m long large scale 3D printer.

The Mobilities

自動車・航空業界、スタートアップ関係の若手メンバーを中心とした有志団体「Dream On(旧CARTIVATOR)」との共同プロジェクト。「空飛ぶクルマ」が存在する時代における文化の形質を探求していきます。

This is a joint project with "Dream On", a voluntary group of young members from the automotive and aviation industries and startups. The project explores the cultural traits of the era in which flying cars exist.

WIRED特区 | WIRED Speculative Zone


A speculative zone to implement "possible cultures" with WIRED, a media that creates a positive innovation in society.

多層都市 「幕張市」 | Multi-Layered City Makuhari


The art project explores the structure of culture generation through the creation of the fictional city of "Makuhari City".