Ryuta AokiRyuta Aoki

Concept Designer / Social Sculptor


Co-founder & Co-CEO of Alternative Machine Inc. / Founder & CEO. of VOLOCITEE Inc.
Founder & Curator of TEDxKids@Chiyoda / Founder & Director of Art Hack Day / Co-founder & Director of TEA-ROOM and ALIFE Lab.

Engaging in concept design, creative direction, project production, and business development in art, science and the cultural field. In 2011, he founded the design firm “VOLOCITEE Inc.,” which specializes in community design and management. The same year, to provide ideas of value both to children who will shape the future, as well as the people who will nurture the environment for those children, he obtained a license from TED to begin a “TEDxKids” program in Japan. In 2014, he started Japan’s first “Art Hack Day” hackathon, which focuses on sharing the value of artists with society as a whole. In 2016, he served as producer for “The TEA-ROOM,” a group of artists working with a master of tea ceremony Soryo Matsumura of the Urasenke, to discover new ways of experiencing the Japanese tea ceremony. The same year, in conjunction with Takashi Ikegami, a professor in the field of complex science and artificial life at the University of Tokyo, and Mizuki Oka, an associate professor in the field of web science at Tsukuba University, he established “ALIFE Lab.,” a community designed to explore ways to apply the theories and technology of Artificial Life (ALife) to benefit society. In the following year (2017), with the same members, he founded “Alternative Machine Inc.,” a company that develops a bio-inspired artificial intelligence and robot software.