Yuki Naruse

Founder and CEO of ON THE TRIP


Studied economics at Waseda University and then went on to study abroad at Babson Collage in Boston, USA, Majoring in business. After that, he conducted the NOMAD PROJECT, a web magazine that interviews entrepreneurs around the world for over a year. After returning to Japan, he founded mobile media source TABI LABO to spread information from all over the world and became a joint representative director. Since 2017, he launched the audio guide application “ON THE TRIP” which makes every journey into museumize to the present day. The office of ON THE TRIP is a van that refurbished as a microbus. He has been making guides while staying in the microbus traveling around various place in Japan. From the experience of traveling, he was able to create his own book “Journey to make my own work” (*Japanese Title) (Discover 21), “Compensation for travel” (*Japanese Title) (Iroha Publishing). Exhibited the microbus is his work, as an art work at the Echigo-TSUMARI ART FIELD 2018.


January 18th (Friday)
16:20 - 17:20