Tomohiro Ishibashi

Executive Officer at Weathernews Inc.


Born in 1975. Graduated in Science and Engineering from Chuo University.

He served at Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd and at Weathernews, Inc. in 2000. After having an experience as a sales representative at a Mobile/Internet Service Store of the Company, then moving on to corporate sales relating to mobile and Internet, in 2003 he undertook a personalized (BtoS) mobile content service project. Since November 2005, he has introduced the private meteorological services system, a weather listing mechanism that is letting users report the weather around them. In January 2012 he moved to New York in the USA and marketed locally for about 5 years. He returned to Japan in June 2017 and currently manages the entire business of BtoS content around the world centered on mobile and internet.


January 18th (Friday)
17:20 - 18:05