Ran Sekino

Cemetery Designer / Architect


Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering and master of Engineering in Civil Engineering at the University of Tokyo, she learned civil engineering and architecture from the architect Mr. Hiroshi Naito. She started to work at Yoshiyuki Kawazoe and Associates and then established SRAN DESIGN in 2011. Since she was a member of a graduate school, she has been involved in researching the conventional cemetery as well as the design of the cemetery exploring the new burial forms and designed various cemetery until today. Outstanding work: the cemetery “Kaze no Oka Jumokuso” (Hachioji, Tokyo), “Sakura no Sato Jumokuso” (Machida, Tokyo) and others.

She is constantly dealing with human life and death, designing from landscape to architecture and interior across many different sectors and helping people seeking for a place to live, where people could still connect to their loved ones 100 years later.


January 19th (Saturday)
13:55 - 14:55