Takeshi Otaka

Motion Gallery Founder, Head
POPcorn Co-founder,
Saitama International Art Festival 2020 Curator and
Movie Producer


Born in 1983.
After graduating from the Department of Political Economics at Waseda University, he Joined a foreign-affiliated consulting firm in 2007. As a strategic consultant, he engaged in such as business strategy planning and launching new businesses.
After that he attended the Tokyo University of the Arts graduate school.
During his work in production, he felt the need to build a better relationship between creativity and funding therefor he established “MOTION GALLERY” a cloud funding platform in 2011. Since then it has given support funding exceeding over 2 billion yen. Good Design Award winner in 2015 for “Good Design Best 100”.
In 2017 he established the platform “POPcorn” where anyone can create a movie theater in their own town. By giving access to connect places, people and movies around the country smoothly throughout various place in Japan, they have taken the challenge of having everyone gather in a special place one after the other.
He is also an active player in various fields.
Contemporary Art: Assumption of being a curator of Saitama International Art Festival 2020
Movie: Producer of the movie production label MOTION GALLERY STUDIO of “MOTION GALLERY”
Whose first feature length was titled “Lust in a Karaoke Box” was nominated for ‘Japan Film Splash’ at the 31st Tokyo International Film Festival. The theatrical release will be next spring.


January 18th (Friday)
16:20 - 17:20