Souryou Matsumura

Tea master Sen no Rikyu, the owner of tea ceremony practician, Shuhally.


When Souryo Matsumura was wandering around Europe, he became keenly aware of his ignorance about Japanese culture. As soon as he returned home, he launched himself into the world of Japanese tea ceremonies.
He started the Shuhally project with the purpose of making tea ceremony more accessible and enjoyable.
While keeping the basics of tea ceremony, he has created his own style that adds ingenuity that matches the modern era.
He has had invitations from ten different countries so far including the prime minister of Japan and his cabinet and produced many tea ceremonies.
We are actively collaborating with other genres such as contemporary art, dance, human beat boxes, manga and etc.
The Original tearoom, Bunsai-an, which was given its name by the current 16th Grand Master of the Urasenke, Zabousai, Tea School), has also won a Good Design Award.


January 19th (Saturday)
17:05 - 17:50