Soma Suzuki

City blender / Engineer


Hello I am a city blender. Born in April 1993. After graduating from Kyoto University with Bachelor of Physics, I participated in the development of a platform to manage the copyright of music by blockchain at Open Music Initiative of MIT Media Lab Digital Currency Initiative. After then, I pursued my master’s degree in Urban Analysis at UCL Bartlett School. I analysed the human perception in the city from the perspective of music and imageability, and attempted to bring values to it.

Returned to Japan in September 2018, using the experience in urban analysis, I am currently developing a web service Placy, to match unused city space with people. “By analysing the character of city spaces, Placy will enable you to re-recognise the potential of your space. What is important is that it is “you” who decide how to use your space, and nobody else. When you design your urban space on your own, I believe that city will regain its’ inherent diversity and complexity.”


January 18th (Friday)
16:20 - 17:20